The start to The World Collision Mixtape Series... This is my idea of people coming together; or colliding together. This is a project where people of all different backgrounds, colors, sexual orientations, genders, cultures, religions, shapes and sizes, meet and make music together in an equal environment (The Sanctuary).
I think music is a key factor in provoking a change in our society. Hopefully this can be one of many starting grounds where people can be free of discrimination as well as feel free to express themselves in any form! Maybe ya'll can join in and little by little help make some changes happen in this WORLD.
I hope ya'll have a good day and listen to this mixtape that we all worked very hard on! Enjoy! And Remember to visit our website,, to learn more about us and what we do! Thanks to all of you for the support! And a Special Thanks to Everyone, ESPECIALLY MY TEAM, for Making this Dream Come True...On to BIG THINGS Everyone!

Peace ya'll!,