When you hear hip-hop, what comes to mind? Too much profanity? Lack of emotion? Violence? If any of those rang true to you, it’s time to stop and take a moment to expand your mind. Pavese takes Hip-Hop to a completely different level. He incorporates emotion, real life experience, and passion into his music to paint a raw picture for listeners. His music is not only something you listen to, it’s something you feel and often times it’s something you can relate to. From a young age, Pavese has always been an artist, whether he was painting, designing, or producing, he was always finding a way to express himself. Throughout his life he experienced many hardships that could have pushed him toward giving up or self-destructing, however he instead chose to let those experiences fuel and inspire him to create more and create better.  

Pavese’s influences not only lie in his experiences but also in the music he listened to growing up. While he listened to a lot of hip-hop artists including Lil Wayne, 50 Cent and Drake, he also gained influence from artists and bands in other genres including Third Eye Blind, Creed, and Queen. His music gives Hip-Hop a different flavor as it’s a mix of many genres. Upon asking Pavese about his musical influences he explains, “Hip-hop is so significant to me because it’s able to shapeshift and fluctuate however you need it to in that given moment. As humans, our emotions are constantly changing based on the different things we experience in our lives. As music is such a valuable coping skill I feel that it should be able to match any emotion and hip-hop has a way of doing that.” Pavese went on to express how viable hip-hop has been to him throughout difficult times in his life and his hopes are that his music can reach others and help them in similar ways.  

In finding the power that music holds in helping people he found his talent in production, it’s his way of sharing the gift of music with others. As he’s worked with talented fellow rappers like Leek JoneZ and talented singers like Brigavelli, he’s been able to witness first-hand the power of musical expression and he hopes to continue sharing that power with others. Upon learning more about Pavese you will learn that he values team work. These three artists together built 845thStreet Entertainment, LLC from the ground up. 845thStreet Entertainment is a company that works with multiple artists to help empower them through musical expression. The company is also prided on the urge to give back to the community and fans even before fame and fortune. 

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