845th street entertainment, llc

Close your eyes and imagine this: Walt Disney, a creative genius, and Steve Jobs, an entrepreneurial mastermind, collaborating together on a common vision. Now open your eyes, because you’re looking at just that. Creativity and innovation synthesized to the core. 845th Street Entertainment, established in 2016, is far more than just a hip-hop music group. They are a collective of philanthropists utilizing their individual artistic abilities, from entertainment to holding charities, to give back to others. Community service and playing free gigs are just the beginning for this crew.   

These passionate men and women collectively manage themselves. They coordinate film crews, actors, actresses, dancers, musicians of all genres, singers, DJs, rappers, tattoo artists, skaters, writers, models… All of it. They all share a common goal and vision; they feed off each other’s passion and dedication. Spend a few minutes with any member of the group and you will be blown away by their energy and vision.    

845th Street Entertainment stands up for equality among all humans.  They are an inclusive group that strives to even the playing field by lifting each other up and breaking through every glass ceiling they come across. They will make an impact on equality throughout the world by setting the standard themselves. Every single member is an essential part of the team, and this team came to win.  

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